Regarding NATO: An Examination of the Alliance's Role in the Global War on Terrorism   [open pdf - 391KB]

Alternate Title: Regarding NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization]: An Examination of the Alliance's Role in the Global War on Terrorism

"In this monograph we examine the current and potential military roles of NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] in the Global War on Terrorism, and advocate a stronger, revitalized partnership between the U.S. and the Alliance. The U.S. clearly requires strong allies if it is to achieve it's stated policy goals of establishing stable, secure, and democratic states where none existed before. Since the end of the Cold War NATO itself has been under a process of transformation, seeking to redefine itself in the absence of expansionist socialism. In addition to its rapid expansion into Eastern Europe-a necessary step to fill the vacuum left after the collapse of communism-the Alliance is moving rapidly towards establishing itself a major factor in international security and stability in the 21st century. With a revamped command and control architecture, as well as smaller, more professional and deployable, and technologically interoperable forces, NATO is poised to take on the same global challenges facing the U.S. The Alliance is essentially a strong, valuable, and as yet underutilized partner, in the Global War on Terrorism. In order to suggest a stronger partnership, this monograph seeks to establish that the U.S. and NATO share a common understanding of the threat in today's security environment."

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