National Security Directive 52: The FY 1991 Sculpin Nuclear Test Program   [open pdf - 2MB]

Alternate Title: NSD 52: The FY 1991 Sculpin Nuclear Test Program

In National Security Directive (NSD) 52, President H.W. Bush directs that "in implementing the Sculpin program the following guidance will apply: -- All tests associated with Sculpin will be conducted in compliance with the Limited Test Ban Treaty, with the National Environmental Policy Act and all other relevant environmental law and regulations. -- The Department of Energy shall review each test with design yields near 150 kilotons to reasonably ensure that the device yield does not exceed the Threshold Test Ban Treaty limit. -- It is likely that the Threshold Ban Treaty, along with its new verification protocol, will come into force during the period of implementation of the treaty" granting Soviet inspectors the access allowed by the treaty while protecting classified information and minimizing interference in the U.S. test program" will require careful and close cooperation among U.S. agencies. The testing agency shall continue to coordinate public affairs activities related to the implementation of the Sculpin program, as appropriate, in advance of test events."

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NSD 52; National Security Directive 52
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