U.S. Military Intervention in Colombia: Strategic and Operational Planning Considerations   [open pdf - 3MB]

"This monograph focuses on the strategic and operational considerations for US military intervention in fighting the complex conflict in Colombia as a potential base-planning document, while also analyzing the necessity of greater unified military action-to include its possibility for success, in order to solve Colombia's narco-terrorist, insurgent threat. The purpose of analysis is to provide a strategic and operational context of the narco-paramilitary-insurgent problem in Colombia, by utilizing operational design to understand the complexities of the primary threats and provide a conceptual framework for future planning. The conclusion is that the scope of the conflict is beyond Colombia's capacity to cope with based upon the strategic aims and operational capabilities of the guerrillas, paramilitaries, and drug trade. Further, the Colombian government is failing because two critical elements necessary for democratic rule still do not exist, stability and security. Colombian strategy must change by developing political objectives and a military strategy aimed at restoring stability and security through an integrated effort by Colombia, its neighbors, and the United States."

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