National Security Directive 43: FY 1990-1995 Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Plan National Security Directive   [open pdf - 1MB]

Alternate Title: NSD 43: FY 1990-1995 Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Plan National Security Directive

National Security Directive (NSD) 43 made various authorizations to the Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Plan for the period of fiscal years 1990-1995. In general, authorizations dealt with Department of Energy's (DoE) ability to increase or reduce the stockpile, make parts transfers to the Department of Defense (DoD), as well as coordinate with DoD on changes to the production or retirement of warheads. NSD 43 stipulated that DoE should maintain a reserve of weapon-grade plutonium and enriched uranium metal to support the equivalent of one year of weapons production. In consideration of the uncertainties brought on by impending treaties and disarmament actions, the directive required the undertaking of various studies to prepare for the possible impact of these potential changes. Enclosure I of the directive is the Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Plan. Note, this document was previously classified at the SECRET level. Portions of this declassified edition have been blackened out.

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NSD 43; National Security Directive 43
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