Business Process Reengineering With Knowledge Value Added in Support of the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer   [open pdf - 3MB]

"As the Department of Defense (DoD) begins transitioning to face the new global threats of terrorism, the new requirements of a refocused National Strategy will inherently force the DoD to transform its processes in support of the new National Strategy. In the next few years the technology used to support the DoD will continue to grow with the new demands thus, the DoD will have achieve transformation at all levels enterprise-wide. "Transformation" or radical change has been occurring successfully in the corporate business world for over 25 years and through this transformation the e-business technology has created an exponential growth in the knowledge producing information exchange systems. As the DoD looks to the e-business world for methodologies and solutions to capture this knowledge and manage it, it must also look for a surrogate definition of value or revenue that can be used as a measurement of return on the knowledge. This thesis will seek to define this value by presenting the e-business methodologies called Return on Knowledge (ROK), Knowledge Value Analysis (KVA) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) by developing a web-enabled environment called the Transformation Information Technology Enabler (TITE) as a DoD transformation solution."

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