Gound Shaking from Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake on Newport-Inglewood Fault   [open pdf - 352KB]

Alternate Title: Ground Shaking from Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake on Newport-Inglewood Fault

This map provided by HAZUS-MH (Hazards U.S. - Multi Hazard), provides a map of areas surrounding the Newport Inglewood Fault that would be effected by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. It also describes the potential uses of HAZUS-MH in pre-disaster preparation including: Identification of population, general building stock and lifelines that would be most at risk from magnitude 7.1 earthquake on Newport-Inglewood Fault, and identification of counties and population centers that would be subjected to PGA > 0.4 (area of greatest expected damage). Post-disaster uses include a rapid needs assessment " identification of population, general building stock, essential facilities and lifelines (utilities and transportation) with at least a moderate probability of major or severe damage and potential loss of functionality.

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