High Resolution Modeling of a Terrorist Chemical Attack in an Urban Area   [open pdf - 3MB]

"This thesis demonstrates the use of Janus in Modeling Military Operations Other Than War, MOOTW. Janus has many uses throughout the United States military. Lately, MOOTW have become a major percentage of the U.S. military's efforts. Using Janus to model these operations can help predict casualties, determine if new pieces of equipment make a difference in the operation, and help evaluate "what ifs" in operations. More importantly, conducting a simulation before carrying out an actual exercise saves money and people's time and effort. The threat of a terrorist chemical attack is a very likely event in this day and age as demonstrated by the 1995 chemical attack in a Japanese subway. Current U.S. policy has allocated certain resources to assist local governments in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, these assets can not immediately respond to a chemical crisis. Time waiting for these assets to arrive must be spent wisely to save lives. Local governments do not all have the same capabilities available to respond to a chemical attack. Using a high resolution combat model such as Janus at the local level will help determine assets that will save lives and money."

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