Russian Fighter Aircraft Industrial Base: Parallels with the United States? [November 8, 2000]   [open pdf - 95KB]

"There are many differences between the fighter aircraft industry in the United States and in Russia. The United States has traditionally produced its weaponry within a capitalist framework which allowed free enterprise and competition between companies in private industry. The former Soviet Unions economy, and its fighter aircraft industry was based on a Marxist, command economy, where the central government dictated the type and number of aircraft produced and allocated resources for construction. Once among the most glamorous components of the Soviet military industrial complex, the Russian military aircraft industry has been described by some analysts as being on the verge of collapse. Russia's civilian aircraft industry has faced similar pressures, which does not bode well for the military aviation infrastructure. It may be difficult for fighter aircraft companies to find employment in Russia's beleaguered civil aircraft sector. The Russian government has attempted to reform its fighter aircraft industrial base and make it more efficient and competitive with western industry. It has initiated several reforms aimed at reducing the stratification and compartmentalization of industrial processes, as well as improving access to financial resources. These reforms have had mixed success. While Russia's military aviation infrastructure has consolidated dramatically, the overall effectiveness of these reform efforts still remains to be seen."

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CRS Report for Congress, RL30730
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