Political Violence against Americans 1999   [open pdf - 5MB]

"Political Violence Against Americans, formerly Significant Incidents of Political Violence Against Americans, is produced by the Bureau of Diplomatic Securitys Office of Intelligence and Threat Analysis (DS/DSS/ITA) to provide readers with a comprehensive picture of the broad spectrum of political violence that American citizens and interests have encountered abroad on an annual basis. This publication encompasses anti-U.S. incidents; however, some incidents have been omitted due to the sensitive information associated with them. Incidents for this study were based upon lethality, substantial damage to property, use of unusual tactics or weapons, and perceptibility of targets as U.S. or representative of U.S. interests. The 'year of anti-U.S. demonstrations' may best describe 1999. During 1999, there were 921 demonstrations directed against U.S. interests worldwide. Approximately 97 percent of the demonstrations were directed against the U.S. Government or diplomatic facilities. Forty-four of the demonstrations were violent. Anti-U.S. demonstrations were held in response to various world events where the U.S. Governments involvement was perceived to be pivotal. These events include the NATO airstrikes on Yugoslavia (Operation Allied Force), the rendition of Kurdistan Workers Party founder and leader Abdullah Ocalan, the East Timor referendum vote for independence, and the U.S. Supreme Courts upheld conviction of Mumia Abu-Jamal sentence for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer."

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