Biological Agent Detection Since Desert Storm: From Theory To Practice?   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Proliferation of WMD, especially biological warfare (BW) weapons, continues apace in today's world, both by nation states and terrorist groups. BW weapons may provide these players a capability which is as potentially devastating as a nuclear weapon at a much lower cost. They will continue to threaten regional stability and may be the primary strategic, as well as terrorist, threat against the United States in the future. An effective and credible biological defense program will minimize the impact of biological weapons in the conduct of U.S. military operations. This goal will be achieved only when our forces have real time detection and identification of BW attack. This paper details the progress made in BW agent detection in the six years since the Gulf War. With two new systems, we have the technology to provide the combatant commander with a credible bio-detection array. What we have failed to do in the near term is to supply the requisite force structure in the Active Component to make the technology work for the commander."

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