Weapon Systems: United States Army 1996   [open pdf - 34MB]

"The Army continues to evolve, parlaying fewer resources into an improved capability to respond to contemporary and future threats to national and international security. Force XXI is the term used to describe how the United States Army of the 21st century will prevail both in total war, and in low intensity conflict, anywhere in the world. Force XXI will be well equipped for its growing leadership role outside of direct armed confrontation, including peace keeping, counter terrorism, counter proliferation, and disaster relief. Adapting to force reduction, the Army is using is using cutting edge technology as a strength multiplier. Force XXI's decisive materiel advantage on the battlefield will be derived from the combined effectiveness of weapons, information, and communication systems. These systems will be integrated through a C4I structure that will maximize flexibility, response, lethality, and reaction speed, while minimizing collateral damage and civilian casualties. The weapons systems the Army is choosing to develop are critical to the realization of Force XXI. This book outlines the Army's major weapons systems and provides the context for understanding where each system fits in the integrated approach for Force XXI."

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