Criminal Activity: The Future Threat to our Nation's Security   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The Cold War saw the threat of superpower conflagration end, and with it, the notion of traditional warfare. America now faces an entirely different enemy. An enemy who operates within and outside its borders. He uses the inner cities as his battleground and conducts warfare through criminal activity. His multi-ethnic numbers are growing, fed by the disparate have-nots. His organization mirrors the C3 structure and global reach of the most successful international business enterprises. He readily uses the latest technological innovations to sustain his livelihood. The new world order allows him to carry on his activities relatively unencumbered. His future appears bright because he does not have an adversary who can counter him. Traditional means of coping with his criminal activity will likely be overwhelmed. This enemy has the ability of becoming our nation's primary security challenge. Sweeping changes in the way we conduct jurisdictional law enforcement must be made. A multilateral effort, cutting across law enforcement jurisdictions, both nationally and internationally, to include the use of federal armed forces is required. A separate Unified Crime Control Agency should be created that integrates the various local, state, federal and Department of Defense agencies, which is linked to the U.N."

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