Homeland Security Presidential Directive 14: Domestic Nuclear Detection Office [Fact Sheet]   [open pdf - 16KB]

Alternate Title: HSPD 14: Domestic Nuclear Detection Office

This document is a fact sheet for HSPD (Homeland Security Presidential Directive) 14 / NSPD (National Security Presidential Directive) 43, which established the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNMO). "As part of the national effort to protect the nation from radiological and nuclear threats, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) is being established as a national office staffed by representatives from several federal, state, and local government agencies. The office will reside within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the DNDO director will report to the Secretary of Homeland Security. The DNDO will provide a single accountable organization with dedicated responsibilities to develop the global nuclear detection architecture, and acquire, and support the deployment of the domestic detection system to detect and report attempts to import or transport a nuclear device or fissile or radiological material intended for illicit use. The mission of the office addresses a broad spectrum of radiological and nuclear protective measures, but is focused directly on nuclear detection. This includes establishing strong linkages across multiple Departments and levels of government for: the development of the global nuclear detection architecture; the acquisition and support-to-deployment of the domestic detection system; the enhancement of effective sharing and use of nuclear detection-related information and intelligence; the coordination of nuclear detection research and development to continually improve detection capability; and the establishment of procedures and training for the end users of equipment developed and deployed through the new office."

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HSPD 14; Homeland Security Presidential Directive 14; NSPD 43; National Security Presidential Directive 43
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