National Drug Control Strategy (February 2005)   [open pdf - 618KB]

"Three years ago this month, President Bush released the Administration's first National Drug Control Strategy. Consistent with his view of government, it was a document that clearly laid out a plan for accountable results in achieving a single goal 'reducing drug use.' The President's decision to hold his administration accountable for helping drive down drug use followed a decade during which the use of drugs by young people had doubled. It came at a time when fully half of 12th graders had used an illegal drug at least once by graduation. It was seen, and rightly, as an audacious challenge to the skeptics, who invariably counsel despair when it comes to illegal drugs. The President's goal 'a 10 percent reduction in youth drug use over two years' has been met and exceeded. Youth drug use has dropped by 11 percent over two years, and now a third year of data puts the program ahead of schedule for the five-year goal, with a three-year drop of 17 percent (see Figure 3). Figures for adult drug use will become available with the publication, this summer, of the 2004 National Survey on Drug Use and Health."

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