Monitoring Information Systems to Enforce Computer Security Policies   [open pdf - 4MB]

"Many computer security policies are written relatively vaguely. In many ways this is intentional to allow for easier access to all the functionality of the computer network. However, too much leeway allows users, without a need to access many of the network functions, the ability to execute functions that might cause harm to the system or provide access to information they have no need to see. With this in mind, this paper takes a look at computer security. We start with a brief history of computer security and continue with a look at internal security. Since our focus is on computer misuse and detection, a look at internal security provides a look at the reasons why we should attempt to monitor the activities of users. Misuse detection requires at least two features. These are audit reduction and profiling ability. When audit features are enabled in the operating system, massive files can build up. By establishing profiles of personnel usage, the automated audit features can quickly scan audit files, look for usage that falls outside what is determined to be normal, notify administrators, and delete old audit data. A misuse detection system, such as the Computer Misuse Detection System marketed by ODs Networks, may be implemented and incorporated into a comprehensive security policy."

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