Cryptography, Information Operations and the Industrial Base: A Policy Dilemma   [open pdf - 1007KB]

"The information age is in full swing and it is changing the face of national security. The explosive force of information technology places the Global Information Infrastructure, the worldwide industrial base and the various world governments in both mutually supporting and somewhat adversarial positions. The information infrastructure is rapidly becoming the lifeblood for the world's industry and a critical part of the national infrastructure around the world. Consequently, the emerging operational regime of information operations is playing a critical role in the protection of U.S. national security interests and exploitation of adversary systems associated with information systems. Cryptography, long a traditional government area of interest, is taking on increased importance in industry, not only for protection of sensitive data but as a worldwide product market itself. The U.S. government cryptography policy must balance the need for continued U.S. dominance in information technology and the government's legitimate need to access data. U.S. dominance requires increased access to world markets for U.S. cryptography technology. Solution to this policy dilemma requires a team approach by U.S. government and industry to provide the best answer."

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