Natural Allies? Regional Security in Asia and Prospects for Indo-American Strategic Cooperation   [open pdf - 791KB]

"Indo-American relations increasingly comprise expanded strategic and economic ties. Indias government, led by Prime Minister Mamonhan Singh, has stated its intention to intensify these ties with America. Clearly the Bush administration agrees. For example, President Bush has indicated his intention to sustain the gains achieved since 2001 as a priority. Prime Minister Singh has invited the President to India. President Bush has indicated his intention to go there, leading Indian analysts to expect that, What we are going to see is a consolidation of Indo- U.S. ties on a range of strategic issues. We may see a greater emphasis on economic ones as well. The Bush administration is prepared to make a major offer of arms sales to India. This deal has many repercussions across the entire range of Indo-American relationships and of Indias relationships with a host of important foreign governments like Russia, China, Pakistan, and Israel. Undoubtedly, a reinforcement of the economic foundations of bilateral amity would be desirable for many reasons. This book-length monograph seeks to illuminate Indias rising power and capabilities with regard to the key regions on its periphery: the Persian Gulf, Central Asia, and South East Asia. The author also considers the major issues pertaining to Indias bilateral defense agenda with the United States. By revealing the dimensions of Indias growing capabilities and interests, he provides a strategic rationale developing the U.S.-India partnership further."

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