Background Data Measures for Predicting Security Risks: Assessment of Differential Moderators   [open pdf - 6MB]

"The performance of any organization is contingent on the integrity and responsibility of its employees. Employees who provide competitors or, for that matter, other government(s), with sensitive information may cause untold financial damage and the loss of lives and livelihood. A leader who makes decisions that hurt long-term growth to get a bonus harms not only the people employed by the organization but also the organization's future economic growth. These observations point to a major problem confronting government and industry: How can we ensure employee integrity and control these socially destructive acts? In light of these observations, the intent of the present study was two-fold. First, to provide additional evidence for the validity of a general model describing the personal characteristics contributing to the propensity for destructive acts. Second, to identify the life events that contribute to the expression of these characteristics and development of the propensity for destructive acts. It was hoped that these measures might be used in screening job applicants and monitoring the risk level of current employees."

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