Developing a Sustainability Plan for Weed and Seed Sites   [open pdf - 522KB]

"The mission of the Community Capacity Development Office (CCDO) is to enable and facilitate local efforts to break the cycle between persistent crime conditions and community deterioration. CCDOs support is intended to stimulate synergistic relationships among community agencies, businesses, and residents to improve the safety, housing, economic, and social environment in designated geographic areas. Given that these circumstances are generally the result of longterm and widespread conditions, meaningful solutions will require efforts that are equally longstanding and multifaceted. Consequently, it is essential that local sites recognize the need to develop commitments and resources that extend beyond the time period that CCDOs funding is available. This publication provides Weed and Seed sites with recommendations for developing and implementing a sustainability plan. Checklists and worksheets have been included to guide the site coordinator and Steering Committee in developing this plan. Ideally, each site should develop a sustainability plan within the first 2 years of becoming a designated Weed and Seed site. Steering Committees for sites that are nearing the end of their Weed and Seed designation but have not developed a plan can use this publication to consider what steps should be taken to successfully identify and integrate the resources needed to support the longterm strategy for the community."

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NCJ 210462
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