Recruitment Of Key Personnel For Emergency Agencies   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Briefly, I am going to give a definition of terms...Then I wil1 discuss the sources of Supply of this rare bird, the fellow who serves in key personnel post; the methods of tapping that supply; and the techniques of induction. You may state, 'I thought this was selection.' I feel that we dont get the most out of good men unless we induct them well. Mr. Niklason was right when he said that, in the early part of the emergency period, there was a decided inability to get men effectively coordinated and grooved into their jobs. I feel that we must have a precision fit so that we do get the right man serving in the right spot at the right time. Then I will close with the legal considerations. All of you remember the issue that came up during the early part of the war with respect to the dollar a year man the WOC (without compensation) fellow, and his place in the picture as it developed as that time. There would not have been the Guthrie case, which embarrassed Don Nelson, my senior for a year and a half, if great thought had been given to the legal structure, the legal base, upon which a man from industry would come an agency to serve."

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