Civil Defense At The Local Government Level   [open pdf - 1MB]

"From here on, I think, we began to make a little progress. We set forth our mission during this interim period, between now and the outbreak of general war, or what is now called the normal readiness period, in these five statements. They are not listed in their order of importance but in their order of possible accomplishment. Our basic mission is, of course, to save as many lives as possible in time of war, emergency, or natural disaster, but, to accomplish this mission we had to develop the following capabilities: 1) To disperse people from areas of concentrated population prior to attack if time is available. 2) To disperse and safeguard essential equipment, personnel, and communications, to facilitate postattack mobilization. 3) To provide minimum shelter from radioactive fallout for the maximum number of people everywhere in our area of responsibility. 4) To provide minimum shelter from blast and thermal radiation within the target area. 5) (The most difficult.) To disperse permanently industry and urban population. As we go along I will tell you what we have done to develop these five capabilities. But, first, we had to determine our area of responsibility."

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