Building The Nation's Civil Defense   [open pdf - 649KB]

"Civil Defense has only two tools to work with that I know anything about. Those two tools are space and shelter. We have been more interested in recent months in the utilization of space than in shelter. Now with the development of fall-out data, we are forced to go back and place a greater emphasis on light, protective cover. I think it has now become clear to the American people--or is rapidly becoming clear to them--that you simply cannot stay in an American city and survive a modern bombing. Civil Defense in this country is based on the experience of the English and the Germans, and, as a matter of fact, all of our procedures are patterned upon that experience. That was a valid experience and those are valid procedures in the postattack period. We have copied their civil defense methods and we hope we have also made some improvements; they have been kind enough to imply that we have. But all of these procedures that we follow in the postattack period are based on their experiences in World War II when they were dealing with blockbusters. Now we are dealing with bombs described in megaton terms. Naturally there have to be many modifications in civil defense planning but many of the procedures are as sound today as they were then. Some of them however must be modified."

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