FM 10-64: Mortuary Affairs Operations   [open pdf - 635KB]

"This manual serves as a planning and operations guide for all personnel involved in MA within the theater of operations. These personnel must ensure the mission is done with available personnel and equipment. They must also know the types of problems they face in performing the mission to specified standards. This manual will assist in determining operational capabilities and limitations and help guide the allocation of resources to do the mission. As todays Army transitions into the force of the twenty-first century, Force XXI, the role of MA personnel (MOS 92M) is important as the DOD and the American public continue to emphasize the expeditious return of deceased personnel. The role of the (92M MOS) MA Specialist in a theater of operation is to search, recover, tentatively identify, and coordinate evacuation of remains through a structured evacuation system to the CONUS. The 92M NCOs function is to ensure subordinate personnel and unit leaders are trained, to standard, on current MA policies and procedures. Current MA policy states that the remains of all members of the Armed Forces of the United States be returned for permanent disposition according to the desires of the PADD. The MA program provides for the care and disposition of deceased personnel and their personal effects. Subprograms which MA personnel operate under are Current Death, Concurrent Return, and Graves Registration subprograms. The Army is the executive agent for MA and maintains a current MA force structure."

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FM 10-64; Field Manual No. 10-64
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U.S. Army Combined Arms Center, Disaster Relief: http://call.army.mil/katrina/disaster_relief/index.asp
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