Integrated Civilian Medical Response to Mass Casualty Incidents   [open pdf - 2MB]

"US military and civilian populations have much to accomplish in the effort to enhance preparedness for potential mass casualty incidents. In this effort, CIMERC has partnered with many regional, national, government, and non-government organizations. The proposed projects will benefit from the established, comprehensive network, and the proven success of the respective institutions in integrating diverse interests and expertise into a large scale biodefense initiative. Command and Control Operational Capabilities will be developed to address mitigation and remediation issues inherently critical to mass casualty incident preparedness and response. This work will integrate a wireless network with a set of essential communication tools intended for incident commanders. Biodefense Assessment, Implementation, and Evaluation will be enhanced by means of algorithm development for predictive systems that can automatically identify developing scenarios and alert relevant personnel at critical moments. Readiness and Response Training will be enhanced to further prepare the nation's emergency response workforce. The Forum answers the need for a Web-based educational system that interfaces with existing training modalities and facilitates learning and assessment throughout response communities. The Forum permits the development of highly specific education and training programs for a widely diverse group with a differing knowledge base, while correcting weaknesses through training remediation. CIMERC is well positioned to manage the development of the proposed work. Use of rural-urban test beds provides CIMERC with the unique opportunity to incorporate distinct response elements inherent in each locale. CIMERC will also be able to leverage resources and accomplish project objectives through its extensive network of research professionals."

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