Preventive Medicine Information Concerning Hurricane Andrew   [open pdf - 574KB]

"Four days following Hurricane Andrew, this Center received a request from CAPT Richard Gorham, U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Hurricane Andrew-Preventive Medicine Task Force Leader, to provide preventive medicine/vector control assistance. Three days later, an assessment team consisting of one medical entomologist, one epidemiologist, and two preventive medicine technicians (PMTs) was dispatched to Dade County, Florida. Two additional vector control teams consisting of four medical entomoloqists, three PMTs, and related vector control equipment were a150 sent during the ensuing four days (see enclosure (1)). The area or most severe destruction covered more than 100 square miles, included many medium-sized cities and an entire air force base (Homestead), and damage was estimated at more than 20 billion dollars. At least 150,000 homes were badly damaged (50 percent of those were totally destroyed), and more than 250,000 persons were left homeless. Once in the area, the three teams coalesced into one Navy preventive medicine detachment (PMD) with the following goals: to evaluate needs in the storm-stricken area, establish points of contact, and render all necessary assistance to on-site USPHS and local authorities. Relief efforts included establishing a county-wide CO2-trap mosquito surveillance program, providing mosquito and fly control support to more than 25 separate commands/civilian groups, and furnishing administrative support in the tracking of shipments of donated insect repellent and rodenticides."

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