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Petro-Chemical Environmental Concerns: Managing Environmental Pollution Resulting from Chemical and Hydrocarbon Materials presented by Mohammed Jassim Al-Maslamani. Water: Distribution and Water Quality in Qatar presented by Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Naama. Health and Disease Response presented by Brig. Gen. Annette L. Sobel, M.D. This panel was moderated by Brigadier General Hamad Ali Al-Hinzab from the Qatar Armed Forces. The objectives of the session were to provide the basis for work group discussion, to institute a regional approach to security cooperation on environmental issues, to strengthen the GCC capability to respond to environmental events that may degrade regional stability, to explore the processes and mechanisms available to address consequence management planning at a regional level, and to promote environmental cooperation between defense and environmental authorities taking advantage of opportunities for multilateral and interagency cooperation. The regional environmental challenges include: water shortages, hazardous materials and waste, oil spills in the Gulf, shipping incidents, industrial accidents, desertification, environmental terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, regional earthquakes, and transmission of new diseases. This session was tailored to engage the interests of environment, industry, and defense representatives on environmental management.

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Environmental Security Planning, Prevention, and Disaster Response in the Arabian Gulf. Qatar Armed Forces at the Ritz-Carlton, Doha, Qatar, April 16-17, 2000.ch.3, p.38-62
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