High Speed Ferry and Coastwise Vessels: Assessment of a New York/Boston Service   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This report summarizes Phase IV (FY 02) of the Coastal Shipping project conducted by the National Ports and Waterways Institute (NPWI), University of New Orleans. This research phase is a direct continuation of previous research especially of Phase III (FY 00). Phase III research included a review of recent developments regarding coastal shipping in the US and abroad; the re-definition of the envisioned coastal system; an assessment of three designs of prospective high-speed coastal ferries; and a conceptual design of a coastal terminal, along with review of potential sites. Phase III report also included data on traffic flows in the North Atlantic, based on FHWA data. Phase III research was based, in part, on earlier Phase II research, which was concerned with the coastal system concept, especially with types of freight to be served, operational and cost parameters of the system and military applications. The entire research effort of coastal shipping has been conducted under the guidance of an Advisory Board consisting of representatives from ports, shipping lines, shipyards, military and governmental agencies. The findings of Phase II and Phase III were presented and discussed in workshops organized by MarAd and NPWI. Likewise, the findings of Phase IV (this phase) will be presented in a similar workshop."

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Program Element 3-17, FY01
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U.S. Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration: http://www.marad.dot.gov
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