Perspectives on Transit Security in the 1990s: Strategies for Success   [open pdf - 4MB]

"The purpose of this report is to document the state-of-the-practice in security at selected mass transit systems throughout the United States. This report examines both the changing nature of crime in the transit environment and the security practices currently used to reduce crime levels and patron perceptions of crime. A primary mission of all public transportation systems is to ensure, to the fullest extent possible, the security of passengers, employees, and system property. Each year, the country's mass transit systems provide more than 5 billion trips to commuters, students, tourists, and the elderly. The public transportation infrastructure, valued at more than $1 trillion, routinely serves many of the nation's most dangerous neighborhoods, benefiting transit-dependent populations in areas with high rates of violent crime, drug use, and gang activity. With each trip provided, the transit system must demonstrate its commitment to security. Transit agencies must address both actual crime committed on the system and patron perceptions of security. These two issues require different, and occasionally conflicting, security deployment and technology strategies. This report presents security strategies commonly used in the transit environment to address these issues."

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