Exploring How to Make System Safety Work in Transit   [open pdf - 313KB]

"This report describes the two-day workshop sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the New York State Public Transportation Safety Board (PTSB), and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) that was held in New York City, on September 21-22, 1993. The purpose was to develop ideas for improving safety at the transit systems operating under the MTA through more effective use of system safety principles and the System Safety Program Plans that meet the needs of both the MTA and the PTSB. These plans are produced by each operating agency of the MTA and approved by the New York State Public Transportation Safety Board. The report attempts to be concise and yet not lose the detail which was a valuable part of the workshop. The format presents summaries and aggregations in the body of this document, while the appendices give the details at the lowest level of transcription taken at the individual sessions. The tabulations in the appendices are informative as they often show detailed information before it was aggregated. Readers are cautioned, however, that with this type report, where information is aggregated and then ranked by vote, there is the danger that supporting material can be missed and important points obscured. Additionally, the process can influence the results by arbitrarily focusing on some activities and not on others."

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