Qualitative Analysis of the Turkish Gendarmerie Assignment Process   [open pdf - 22MB]

"The Turkish General Command of the Gendarmerie, as a paramilitary police force, provides public security and order for people throughout 81 provinces and 902 districts. The Gendarmerie performs security and public order services in 92% of Turkey geographically and for 41% of the total population. Approximately 27 million people live in Gendarmerie jurisdiction areas; this number increases to 43 million (65% of the population) in the summer months. This study is an organizational analysis of the current assignment process of the Turkish General Command of the Gendarmerie. The analysis recommends long-term and short-term policy changes and implementation methodologies to the assignment process while taking into consideration such a geographically diverse region and often difficult assignment choices for individuals. In addition to the law-enforcement-related operations, the Gendarmerie is tasked to carry out various other types of operations, such as border security, antiterrorism, and peacekeeping. The Gendarmerie Organization, Duty, and Jurisdiction Law classifies these duties under four categories: administrative, judicial, military, and other duties. As a result of this job diversity, the Gendarmerie personnel perform different tasks in different unit areas. Therefore, the existence of geographically diverse billet characteristics has been an obstacle in the Gendarmerie assignment process."

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