Low Intensity Conflict: A Chemical Corps Role?   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The increased focus on the lower end of the spectrum of conflict, particularly low-intensity conflict (LIC) itself, highlights the critical balance which must be obtained between rapid deployment and mission capability. Combat support and combat service support activities must be able to demonstrate a direct application to mission accomplishment or be relegated to follow-on forces which can only be brought into theater when time and lift assets allow. The role played by the Chemical Corps in chemical-biological (CB) defense is acknowledged and recognized throughout the Army, but what if an immediate CB threat is lacking. If Chemical Corps units and personnel cannot perform any other roles which will contribute directly to mission accomplishment, then they are not needed on the battlefield. On the other hand, if there are unique missions which these forces can accomplish which effectively serve to multiply the overall effectiveness of the force, then they should be deployed into theater early. This study looks at lessons learned from previous combat operations performed by Chemical Corp personnel and units in an attempt to assess the validity of a present role in LIC."

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