Containment Devices for Small Terrorist Bombs for Law Enforcement, Final Report   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Jaycor, under NIJ Contract No. 97-DT-CX-K001, has designed, built and tested a lightweight, relatively low cost, blast resistant container for bomb squads to store and transport pipe bombs containing at least 1 lb of black powder explosive. The Jaycor container is designed to augment the present bomb containment vessels. The present method of protecting against a suspected bomb, once it has been discovered and cannot be disarmed, is to place it in a steel container for detonation. The majority of these containers are vented at the top, where the detonation gases and fragments are directed upward in the air. There are several disadvantages of the present containers. They are expensive: with the total containment vessel costing one-half a million dollars. The raining down of the fragments from the vented containers could prove hazardous in populated areas. The containers are extremely heavy, with the vented and total containment vessels weighing 5000 lb and 8000 lb respectively, necessitating their transport to the bomb site by a heavy truck. Furthermore, bomb disposal in enclosed areas, such as airport terminals, with these vessels is problematic due to the difficulty in transporting them."

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Jaycor Report 14039-99- I00
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