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From the thesis abstract: "The Seamless Maritime Concept is the need to treat awareness, security, defense in a comprehensive, cohesive manner. Continuing discussion of maritime homeland security and defense capability requirements and resources allocation fails to recognize the unique requirements of the maritime domain. Enormous thought and resources have been put towards enhancing maritime homeland security and maritime homeland defense readiness. Unfortunately, the efforts to date treat "defense" and "security" disparately, ignoring the necessity to include all maritime domain partners. The Seamless Maritime Concept suggests that incremental changes to processes, boundaries, and markets have little chance to dramatically improve performance. The Seamless Maritime Concept suggests a new way of addressing the problem. The Coast Guard's motto is "Semper Paratus" or "Always Ready." It reflects the quality of the people; the people will not let any obstacle prevent them from accomplishing the mission. Admiral Loy's "dull knife" declares the desperate need to re-capitalize the Coast Guard cutter and air craft fleets. And the Coast Guard's long standing record of success all combine to demonstrate that given some resource support that the Coast Guard can get it (maritime security) done. Conversely, failure to recapitalize will drive the Coast Guard toward obsolescence and preclude an opportunity to enhance the security and defense readiness of the maritime domain."

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