Homeland Security: Management of First Responder Grant Programs and Efforts to Improve Accountability Continue to Evolve, Statement of William O. Jenkins, Jr., Director, Homeland Security and Justice, Testimony before the Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Science, and Technology, Committee on Homeland Security, House of Representatives   [open pdf - 148KB]

"In fiscal years 2002 through 2005, the Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP) within the Department of Homeland Security managed first responder grants totaling approximately $10.5 billion. The bulk of this funding has been for statewide grants through the State Homeland Security Grant Program and urban area grants through the Urban Areas Security Initiative. This testimony provides information on the history and evolution of these two grant programs, particularly with respect to ODP grant award procedures; timelines for awarding and transferring grant funds; and accountability for effective use of grant funds. In prior reports on issues related to federal funding and oversight of grants for first responders, GAO [Government Accountability Office] has made recommendations for strengthening federal leadership, cooperation, and planning efforts. These include developing a coordinated strategic plan for use of first responder funds in the National Capital Region and monitor the plan's implementation and using grant guidance to encourage the development of statewide plans for interoperable communications. The National Capital Region and DHS agreed with these recommendations and are working to implement them."

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