Advanced Security Operations Corporation Special Weapons and Tactics Initiative   [open pdf - 779KB]

"The purpose of this MBA Project is to investigate and provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of affairs with regard to the privatized security industry. The project focuses on a business plan that will cover three phases for a start-up company to enter the private security market. The purpose of Advanced Security Operations Corporation (ASOC) is to enter and profit from the growing Privatized Military Industry (PMI) trend. This proposal looks at establishing a network of centralized SWAT teams whose sole mission is to train and conduct SWAT operations. These teams will greatly increase the chance of success and minimize casualties, while greatly reducing cost. ASOC will use collaborative efforts with local, state and national law enforcement agencies in order to maximize this innovative and value-added plan. The goal of government should be to drastically reduce the cost of redundant and inefficient services. By following the trend to outsource services and create a privately run and centrally located SWAT Team, the local, state, and federal government can create a long term capability that is less expensive, yet has a greater capability for mission success. The cost-effectiveness and problems/solutions that would face such an endeavor are the focus of this project."

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