Latin American Security Challenges: A Collaborative Inquiry from North and South   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Newport Paper 21, 'Latin American Security Challenges: A Collaborative Inquiry from North and South,' helps reopen the door to serious analyses of the relationship between Latin American national security issues and American strategic interests. The monograph consists of an introduction and conclusion and three substantive essays analyzing specific issues facing Latin America. The first builds upon the concepts of failed states and borderless regions to suggest how criminals and perhaps terrorists can find refuge and perhaps support in localities outside the control of states. The second essay provides a solid introduction to the interconnection of economic behavior and the national security threats facing both Latin American governments and the United States. The final essay speculates on the interest of China in the region, with particular attention to the potential roles played by immigration and Chinese ownership of firms charged with operation of both access ports to the Panama Canal."

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Naval War College Newport Papers (date), no. 21
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