Pilotless Army in the Megalopolis   [open pdf - 463KB]

"This monograph answers the question, 'Can unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) supplant manned United States Army attack and reconnaissance helicopters in the conduct of future urban operations' and the answer is, 'not completely.' The future of US involvement in urban operations is likely to increase. Although Army aviation can provide mobility, intelligence gathering, and massive precision fires, its current aviation systems are highly vulnerable within the urban environment and a solution may lie in the employment of UAVs. In order to mitigate the risk to its aviators, equipment, and the supported ground forces, the Army needs to revise current doctrine to address the employment of Army aviation's attack and reconnaissance aircraft teamed with UAVs in urban operations. The analysis of this monograph demonstrates that Army aircrews are not able to independently complete the missions that may be required of it within the growing urban environment. Nor can UAVs be fielded to the units of action and be expected to independently conduct the current missions of attack and reconnaissance aircraft. The most effective solution lays in teaming manned and unmanned aviation assets and applying new doctrinal employment."

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