Nationwide Audit of State and Local Government Efforts to Record and Monitor Subrecipients' Use of Bioterrorism Hospital Preparedness Program Funds   [open pdf - 420KB]

"Under the Bioterrorism Hospital Preparedness Program, State or territorial health departments and municipal governments or health departments receive funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to upgrade the preparedness of the Nation's hospitals and collaborating entities to respond to bioterrorism. Since April 1, 2002, HRSA has awarded $623 million to 59 State, territorial, and selected municipal offices of public health. The funding instrument used for the program is a cooperative agreement because substantial HRSA programmatic collaboration with awardees was anticipated during the performance of the project. On August 15, 2003, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a report on California's accounting for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) bioterrorism program funds (A-09-02-01007). The report, entitled 'State of California: Review of Public Health Preparedness and Response for Bioterrorism Program Funds,' stated that California did not account for program funds by focus area and could not adequately support expenditures on Financial Status Reports submitted to CDC. The conditions we found in California led us to perform this nationwide audit to determine if HRSA awardees were properly recording hospital preparedness program funds. We have since reviewed programs in 14 States and 4 major metropolitan areas (Appendix A) selected primarily based on their dollar funding levels. This rollup report presents the results of the reviews."

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Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Inspector General, Report No. A-05-04-00028
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Dept. of Health and Human Services. Office of Inspector General: http://oig.hhs.gov
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