H. Rept. 108-414: Everything Secret Degenerates: The FBI's Use of Murderers as Informants, Third Report, February 3, 2004   [open pdf - 29MB]

"Federal law enforcement officials made a decision to use murderers as informants beginning in the 1960s. Known killers were protected from the consequences of their crimes and purposefully kept on the streets. This report discusses some of the disastrous consequences of the use of murderers as informants in New England. Beginning in the mid-1960s, the Federal Bureau of Investigation ('FBI' or 'Bureau') began a course of conduct in New England that must be considered one of the greatest failures in the history of federal law enforcement. This Committee report focuses on only a small segment of what happened. It discusses primarily the 1965 murder of Edward 'Teddy' Deegan, the subsequent prosecution of six defendants for that murder, and the actions of federal law enforcement officials to protect cooperating witness Joseph 'The Animal' Barboza and government informants Jimmy 'The Bear' Flemmi and Stephen 'The Rifleman' Flemmi...The results of the Committee's investigation make clear that the FBI must improve management of its informant programs to ensure that agents are not corrupted. The Committee will examine the current FBI's management, security, and discipline to prevent similar events in the future." This document contains exhibits 351 through 981.

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H. Rept. 108-414; House Report 108-414
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