Chemical Weapons Proliferation in the Middle East: What is the Proper Response   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The use of chemical weapons in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa in recent regional and ethnic conflicts illustrates the proliferation of chemical weapons and use in the Third World. The use of these weapons has been indiscriminate and intentionally directed at noncombatants and combatants. This paper will focus on chemical weapons proliferation in the Middle East. This paper assesses the motivations behind the proliferation and provides a perspective on the nature of the threat, as well as the role Western industry plays in facilitating the development and proliferation. The study points out that Middle East countries have greatly expanded their chemical capability and that they have every intention of using it. Moreover, foreign suppliers are providing assistance to these countries as negotiations are underway to decrease worldwide chemical armaments through a Chemical Weapons Treaty. Finally, the study suggests that the proper response ought to be a strategy with a multi- dimensional approach aimed at the political and economic sources of passion that drive nations in the Middle East to acquire chemical weapons. Keywords: Chemical weapons proliferation, Middle East, Nature of Threat, Western Connection, Third World countries, Deterrence, Denial, Preemption, Defense, Arms control, Peace."

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