Victims and Offenders: A New UCR Supplement to Present Incident-Based Date from Participating Agencies   [open pdf - 50KB]

"This paper describes work done in the development of a new supplement to Crime in the United States. In it we present data for five cities as an illustration of the reporting possibilities of the new incident-based Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. The new supplement will be called Victims and Offenders: Incident-Based Uniform Crime Reports and will fill an information gap produced by the conversion from the UCR summary statistics system to an incident-based UCR system. We present data for five cities in a new format to underscore the utility of the information produced by the incident-based approach. We examine some of the difficulties related to the conversion to the new approach, including counting rules, table titles, and the possibilities for confusion among recipients of the information. We discuss the importance of the new approach for the police, the general public, and criminologists. We conclude that, even without the participation of large city departments, the incident-based approach will provide a much better picture of the characteristics of victims and offenders in a variety of cities and towns. As more large cities make the conversion, the country will have a clearer national indication of the characteristics of victims and offenders and the relationships among them."

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