Illegal Immigration: Is the Use of Military Force in Policing the United states' Border with Mexico a Viable Option?   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Illegal immigration across the United States' borders, in particular the Southern Border with Mexico, has been a continual problem confronting our local, state and national political decision makers. Over the years, numerous attempts at quelling this illegal immigration have been attempted. Attempts to eliminate this problem ranged from open borders, limited use of military force, economic development efforts, diplomatic efforts, and the eventual creation of a U.S. Border Patrol responsible for policing U.S. borders. Progress has not been easy and today, the United States finds itself in a continual battle against illegal immigration. Is illegal immigration of such importance to our national security that military force be used to combat this problem? This paper examines whether or not the use of military force on the U.S.-Mexico Border is a viable option to combat illegal immigration. This paper will propose that illegal immigration is a national security issue and there may be instances where the application of U.S. military force, whether it be active, reserve, or national guard to combat illegal immigration is appropriate. A review of past political, diplomatic, economic, and military tools previously proposed and implemented to address illegal immigration on the border will be provided."

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