'Global' Homeland: International Perspectives on Counterterrorism and Homeland Security   [open pdf - 215KB]

"Given the immediacy in both time and space of the terrorist threat, it is easy to become overly focused on the issue as regards only the United States and the U.S. homeland. Yet, we are not in this alone. Other nations, international organizations such as NATO and the European Union, and transnational law enforcement agencies such as Europol and Interpol are deeply committed to the counter terror effort. Seeing the Global War on Terror from their perspective provides both greater insight and greater opportunities for crushing the enemies of civilized peoples throughout the world. A venue towards a better understanding of international perspectives on issues of domestic security and counterterrorism was recently held in London, at a Homeland Security Conference sponsored by the SMi group. Held from 23-24 February, the forum featured presentations depicting perspectives ranging from the private sector through local, national and international law enforcement agencies; to disparate national governmental efforts; on through regional and international alliances. Functional issues including port security, stemming the flow of terrorist financing defense against chemical, biological and radiological attacks and more were presented by subject matter experts from six different countries, the European Union, and NATO."

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