Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Integration   [open pdf - 300KB]

"This thesis contends that Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence would be more effective in the Global War on Terrorism if they were more integrated. Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence integration should bring Sailors and Marines together in all aspects of warfare to conduct coordinated intelligence. This does not imply that Sailors and Marines should be unified into one force. In fact, it is the unique skills of each service that make them indispensable to the other. Naval Intelligence provides the large scale team of professionals, the robust onboard systems, and communications, and the air intelligence/targeteering expertise. The Marine Corps provides detailed human intelligence in austere, anti-access environments. Designed for highly accurate targeting and raids ashore, Marine Corps intelligence can provide the timely, accurate, and relevant intelligence needed to fight the global war on terrorism for Expeditionary Strike Groups, Carrier Strike Groups, and even Surface Action Groups. The Naval Operating Concept for Joint Operations calls for further integration from both the Navy and the Marine Corps. As Sea Power 21 and Marine Corps Strategy 21 merge into Naval Power 21, the need for further Navy and Marine Corps integration becomes clear. This will challenge current organizational mindsets. Nevertheless, sea based Sailors and Marines will have to be able to operate side by side seamlessly in order to be victorious in the Global War on Terrorism."

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