Iraq: U.S. Regime Change Efforts and Post-Saddam Governance [Updated October 22, 2004]   [open pdf - 288KB]

"In the months prior to the war, the Administration stressed that regime change through U.S.-led military action would yield benefits beyond disarmament and reduction of support for terrorism, benefits such as liberation of the Iraqi people from an oppressive regime and promotion of democracy throughout the Middle East. Escalating resistance to the U.S.-led occupation (April 2003-June 2004) complicated U.S. efforts to build democracy and to establish legitimate and effective Iraqi political and security bodies. Partly in an effort to reduce U.S. casualties and satisfy Iraqi demands for an end to coalition occupation, the United States decided to accelerate the hand over of sovereignty. An interim government was named on June 1, 2004, and the handover took place on June 28, 2004. Current plans are to for elections for a transition government by January 31, 2005, with votes on a permanent constitution by October 31, 2005, and for a permanent government by December 15, 2005, although virtually all of these deadlines are to some degree jeopardized by the persistent insurgency. This report will be updated as warranted by major developments. See also CRS Report RL31833, 'Iraq: Recent Developments in Reconstruction Assistance'."

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