Preparedness Planning for State Health Officials: Nature's Terrorist Attack: Pandemic Influenza   [open pdf - 3MB]

"Almost a century after the Spanish flu, the United States remains unprepared for pandemic influenza, an event which could affect an extraordinary number of people and last more than a year. It remains a challenge to convey the potential severity of a pandemic to key law and policymakers, as well as individuals in the medical and public health communities...The following checklist provides state health officials with a preliminary means of assessing their jurisdictions' readiness to respond to a pandemic. The checklist is not exhaustive, but identifies major issues that each state will need to address during a pandemic. The list also differentiates between issues that are specific to pandemic influenza and those that have broader utility for public health emergency preparedness. The overlap demonstrates why state health officials have an unprecedented opportunity, using their bioterrorism assessments and plans as scaffolding, to help create strategies that will improve their states' response to future pandemics. The full report offers a more comprehensive description of the challenges involved in pandemic planning and response."

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