Protecting the Homeland: Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Defensive Information Operations: Volume II - Part 2: Annexes   [open pdf - 17MB]

"This document reviews the implementation of the 1996 Defense Science Board Task Force on Information Warfare Defense recommendations, to identify specific issues associated with information assurance goals of Joint Vision 2020 (JV2020), and to evaluate the adequacy of progress made in achieving these goals. The Information Assurance Architecture (IAA) panel addressed the status of the Department of Defense's (DoD) efforts to establish an IAA framework and standards, and to develop promising IAA techniques. The panel invited representatives from the Services, various agencies, and information technology industries to brief on IA related technologies, trends and market demands. In general, the panel found that significant progress has been made in implementing the 1996 DSB recommendations, but critical issues need to be resolved in the context of JV2020. The ability to achieve information superiority is the pacing item in realizing the goals of JV2020. The Global Information Grid (GIG) is the underlying infrastructure that will support information superiority. The panel believes the key to success is in implementing a standards-based, metric-driven, end-to-end integrated global information grid. The panel believes that the implementation of the GIG, in the context of JV2020, is one of those significant events that occur once every decade or two, and that how it is managed and architected will have a major impact on DoD for the next decade or more. The panel argues that the GIG should be viewed as a weapon system since it leads to information/decision superiority and therefore will be attacked by our adversaries."

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