Defense Science Board 2003 Summer Study on DoD Roles and Missions in Homeland Security: Volume II - Part B: Supporting Reports   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Developing an effective capability to protect the homeland is a top national priority. It is also a complex undertaking filled with many challenges. There are so many assets to protect, so many modes of attack available to adversaries, and so many organizations involved, that, understandably, both the conceptual thinking and the capabilities required are still immature. Maturing the conceptual framework and capabilities related to homeland security, the DSB believes, requires a holistic approach-a guiding theme for this study. The final report of this study consists of two volumes. Volume I identifies capabilities and initiatives needed by DoD to fulfill its responsibilities to protect force when directed and to protect the homeland. This volume works as a compilation of four sup-panel reports. Volume II contains material that was provided as inputs to the Task Force, but whose finding and recommendations may not represent the consensus view of this Task Force."

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