DoD Biometrics Standards Development Recommended Approach   [open pdf - 927KB]

"The challenges facing the United States and its coalition partners in the Global War on Terrorism have created an urgent need for the U.S. Government to improve information sharing between organizations and leverage information technology to the greatest extent possible. Standards are an essential component for enabling information sharing and technology interoperability. Biometric technologies have the unique capability of identifying who a person actually is, as opposed to who a person claims to be. Nowhere is this capability more important to the Department of Defense (DoD) than in fighting the Global War on Terrorism. The Department has undertaken the task of collecting fingerprints and other biometric data from Enemy Prisoners of War (EPW), detainees, civilian internees, and persons of interest with respect to national security, collectively referred to as Red Force personnel.... This document provides a comprehensive DoD Framework for identifying, developing and promoting biometric standards in the DoD for FY 2005-2006. Moreover, it highlights the increasing need to coordinate biometric standard development activities between the DoD and other U.S. Government organizations."

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