Deciphering Pathogens: Blueprints for New Medical Tools   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Probably nowhere in science is genomics making more inroads into understanding human diseases than in the field of microbiology--the study of microbes and their interactions with human beings and the environment. With the complete genomes of dozens of pathogenic microbes in hand--and many more on the way--scientists have begun a powerful new assault on some of humankind's oldest enemies. Illnesses caused by pathogenic microbes are today the second leading cause of death worldwide and third leading cause of death in the United States. Throughout the world, infectious diseases are also responsible for countless hospitalizations, sick days, missed work, and other lost opportunities. Those losses cost hundreds of billions of dollars each year." This document explains how a genome is sequences and how studies explain how microbes cause disease. It also addresses proteomics and genomics and biodefense. Tuberculosis, Malaria, sexually transmitted diseases, and microbes and chronic diseases are each examined individually.

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NIH Publication No. 02-4987
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